Write My Essay For Me – Students Crying Out For Help?

A strange and nearly imperceptible cry has been coming from thousands of high schools, colleges and other educational institutions around the world. That cry has a very distinct sound: it seems to sound like students shouting: ‘someone else write my essay! I can’t deal with this essay stuff anymore!’

This cry hasn’t caught the ear of teachers (not much does) because teachers believe that students have to figure out essays for themselves. After all, students are prepared for essays long before they reach higher levels of learning. From their first days in second great, they’re asked to have a starting sentence – something that answers a question – and then give the reason why. This is, essentially, preparation for the stages of future academic essay writing. Like these younger year tasks, essay writing requires you to answer a question, pose a response or state a thesis, while giving reason why – the ‘because’ portion of the essay. With so much time and practice under your belt, you’d assume that essay writing would become easier, not harder. The opposite, unfortunately, is true.

Students encounter increasing difficulties with essay writing due to several reasons. First of all, even though they have years of practice to boast of, they’re hardly ever truly taught correct essay writing skills. They are simply given the framework and examples (if they’re even given examples) and told to follow it, without understanding the logic or reasoning behind it. At the same time, deficits in other areas of language – such as grammar, spelling or communication – hinders a student’s ability to craft great essays. There is a reason even larger than this that students struggle, however. That reason does not lie with the teachers or the students; it lies with the entire education system itself. The education system, over the last few years, has been upping the learning expectations for students. In the last few years alone, certain ‘on-grade level’ elementary text – usually labeled with a letter – have jumped up by three or four levels for each grade. The rising expectations do not reflect a sudden increase in student capability. It’s the system’s way of trying to boost the country’s international standing, not actually assist children.

Due to all this negative influence, students have begun crying our in desperation for essay help. The answering call comes from online writing companies and freelance writers, which are willing to take over these essay assignments for them. Only time will tell if these helpful services will truly help bring students back up to speed with their overwhelming educational requirements.