3 Tips for Writing a Graduate Dissertation Proposal

For every student who faces their final year of school, a dissertation is probably the most overwhelming part of it. Whether you are going into your last year soon, or are already in it, these three top tips for writing a great dissertation proposal will be very helpful.

Since your dissertation is such a critical part of your education, you’ll want it to be your best work, and a reflection of your interest and experience in your chosen field. It will also be a sort of branding for your name within the community of the industry you’re a part of. If you do not have enough time to study various academic writing tips, guides and manuals, you can always try purchasing a custom written thesis or dissertation at DissertationTeam.com, a professional dissertation writing service.

  1. Start with a Fantastic Topic
  2. The best start you can make on writing your dissertation proposal is to make sure that your topic idea is completely solid. It needs to be something that is meaningful to your field of study, and particularly of interest to you, personally. It also needs to be original, if not in the subject matter, then in the approach you make towards it, and unique to your perspective.

  3. Stay Organized!
  4. This is one thing that a lot of students neglect when writing their proposal for a dissertation. It’s also one of the most important. Making sure you can find every page of notes, every internet bookmark, and every notepad of ideas is crucial, especially if you don’t have a lot of time left. The time that it takes you to organize all of your research and drafts and ideas will be well worth the work and how much easier you’ll be able to find it when you need it.

  5. Read Backwards
  6. When you’re in the editing stage, it’s often tough to find mistakes because you’re so close to your own writing. You’ve spent so much time with it that it’s hard to see with a fresh set of unbiased eyes.

Of course, the best solution to this is to have someone else (even a few different people) read over your proposal to make sure that it’s awesome. If you can’t do this, or want to do some editing yourself first, then read your entire proposal aloud, sentence by sentence, starting with the last one. This takes each sentence out of context and makes your brain consider it on its own, rather than as a part of your proposal as a whole. This method will help you pick out more errors than if you didn’t do it.