Generating Catchy Psychology Term Paper Ideas For High School Students

The human brain is a great machine. It works 24/7, from birth to death, without pause, and it is so great at what it does that its function still confounds scientists! What that has to do with your Psychology term paper, you might ask. Everything! 1) Psychology deals with the human mind, which is a functional attribute of the brain. 2) It is your brain that is going to generate ideas that you will use to develop your term paper topic. Well, before it gets any more confusing, let us go through these term paper ideas for psychology and set your brain to do what it does best!

  1. Violent behaviors of parents and child psychology
  2. The psychology of dreams
  3. Dream analysis
  4. Carl Gustav Jung
  5. Effect of violent movies on child psychology
  6. Psychotherapy
  7. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (effectiveness in various disorders/failure)
  8. Domestic violence
  9. Psychology of fear
  10. Personality Disorders
  11. Development of the personality
  12. Terrorism’s effects on adult/child psychology
  13. Parenting and psychology
  14. Culture and psychology
  15. The psychology of nationalism
  16. The psychology of terror
  17. Business and psychology
  18. Social aspects of psychological disorders
  19. The delineation of normal and abnormal psychology
  20. Hypnotherapy: Does it work
  21. Metaphysics and psychology
  22. History of psychology
  23. Alienation
  24. Misconception about psychology
  25. The stigma of psychological ailments
  26. Financial aspects of Psychology
  27. Sigmund Freud
  28. Modern psychology
  29. Narcissism (Disorder or not?)
  30. The psychology of codependency
  31. Alcoholism and its effects on the mind
  32. What is mind?
  33. Can the mind exist in the absence of the brain?
  34. Neuropsychiatry
  35. Advances in the field of psychology
  36. Addiction psychology
  37. Genders and psychology
  38. Identity
  39. Marriage
  40. Counseling
  41. Psychology of monogamy
  42. Development of the human brain
  43. Consciousness
  44. Anxiety disorders
  45. Schizophrenia

There are other more comprehensive lists of topic ideas available online. Most of these overlap and you will find a lot of repetition. The point of these lists is to prompt the mind to generate more advanced topics for your term paper. If you are stuck at any point in the process of topic development or any other stage of term paper writing, you can always find online academic writing services to assist you through the process without much trouble.