Writing an Essay Proposal is Easy

Many college instructors give out assignments for their students to write essay proposals to outline what they plan to cover in the upcoming essay composition work. Composing an effective essay proposal will increase the chance of your instructor agreeing with you writing on the essay topic that interests you the most. While writing an essay proposal, you can sketch out your ideas and thoughts to see if the essay you plan to compose is viable. However, a lot of students think it’s a painful process to write an essay proposal, although they understand the importance of it. From now on there will be no pain. The following steps are going to guide you on how to turn essay proposal writing into an easy task.

  • Review the guidelines your instructor proposed. Different instructors often require something a little different in an essay proposal. Make sure that you are going to cover what your instructor wants before you start working on your proposal.
  • Select your topic. Choose a topic that you can find adequate information on and is relevant to the subject area you plan to work on. Aim to select a topic that you genuinely care about, so you can enjoy the process a lot more.
  • Gather your research. Find adequate resources from both online and print media before you finalize the selection of your topic can ensure that you don’t by chance select a topic that has rarely been written. A lot of the times, it is required by the instructor that you list your intended resources in the essay proposal.
  • After choosing the topic you want to explore, compose a concise explanation of it. Use several sentences to elaborate upon the topic you selected and write a sentence or two to explain how your selected topic is related to the subject area as a whole. Let the instructor know what you plans are.
  • Compose a short summary on your research findings. Outline what you have gathered to support your topic. Briefly explain how each piece of information can help you prove your argument. There is no need to include direct quotations. Instead, provide a paraphrase of the relevant information for each source.
  • Lastly, conclude with a bibliography that contains your references. When composing this bibliography, follow the citation style that your instructor prefers. List all the sources that you plan to use in the conclusion part of your essay proposal.