Where To Go Looking For A Good MLA Style Research Paper Example

Research papers are challenging assignments for students because of all of the small details they require. Most of those details are determined by the formatting style that instructors assign. Some instructors assign APA (American Psychological Association) or MLA (Modern Language Association) style based on the course and the topic. The MLA style is used in language and literature courses. The APA style is used in psychology and social science courses. When you are looking for examples in the MLA style, there are several place you can look.

The first place to look is a college writing site. You can usually find samples for nearly every style of writing, from narrative or descriptive essays to research papers and term papers. These sites not only provide high quality samples, but they also include tutorials about the different parts of the research papers.

  • MLA website. These sites provide samples of all types of MLA papers. The sample papers are usually the latest entries for the MLA publications, so they tend to be written by professionals or by students who are working on advanced degrees. The MLA website also includes frequently asked questions about citation rules.
  • College databases. There are several database filled with research papers at the collegiate level. These databases are usually free for college students to use. College databases are full of excellent papers that can be used as free examples.
  • Writing websites. Instead of hiring a writer on a writing websites, you can find samples of most types of papers. Writing websites include samples as a form of advertising for their services, so you can find excellent copies to use as a template. It is a good idea to never use any of the free research papers as your own because you do not want to be accused of plagiarism. But if you feel not confident enough in your writing, make it clear that an academic writer wanted and get your help.
  • Teacher websites. If you are lucky, your instructor will have his own website and it will include samples of MLA research papers. If your instructor does not have a website with samples, there are plenty of other teachers who do. With a little bit digging around on the Internet, you can find good MLA examples that have already been vetted by teachers.
  • Research paper blogs. Bloggers love to document the work they do on lengthy projects, so you should be able to find a useful blog with a sample MLA research paper. These tend to be good quality examples because of the time the blogger spent working on with the goal of sharing it online with the public.