Original writing coursework: how much will it cost?

How much a custom written essay, term paper, or research paper will cost varies a great deal depending on a number of different factors. There’s no one “right cost.” There are some things you should consider when comparing prices, however.

Is the Service Legitimate?

Look for writing services which have been in business for a significant amount of time, and have reviews online—on other websites, not their own.

How Fast do You Need Your Assignment?

Requiring a fast turnaround will almost always cost more. If you request your assignment with plenty of time to spare, you’re likely to receive more competitive bids for it.

How Much Research is Required?

Research often costs more than the writing itself. If your paper requires a significant amount of research, be very suspicious of extremely low priced bids. Many will fabricate sources or citations so your paper may look fine, but if your instructor double checks your sources, you’ll be in trouble.

How Many Revisions are Included in the Price?

If you’re willing to accept your paper as-is, you’ll get a lower price, but it’s better to go with a service that will change or edit things a certain number of times without charging you more. Very low priced services aren’t such a great deal when you have to pay for every single small revision.

Is a Sample Included in the Price?

Many services employ multiple writers, and higher priced services will send you a page or two of your paper to review before finishing it. If you approve it, it will be finished by that writer. If you feel it’s not high enough quality, you can cancel the job or request a different writer to handle it.

How Specialized is Your Topic?

Expect to pay more for very technical subjects. While undergraduate literature essays are within the scope of most professional writers abilities, that’s because most professional writers have had to take an undergraduate lit class. If you’re taking a hard science, or even advanced classes in economics, business, or a social science, you’ll probably need a writer with background in your subject matter to get a passing grade.

How Picky is Your Instructor?

Realistically, some instructors are pickier than others, and some pay more attention to individual students’ writing styles. If you’ll require that your paper meet very, very specific requirements because your instructor is very picky, then you’ll need to go with a higher priced service, most likely.