A List Of 20 Perfect Psychology Topics For Research Papers

Writing a psychology paper is different than other subjects. Students will have specific expectations for sources, topics and writing styles. For the best paper, students should start with finding a good topic. A strong topic for their paper will make it easier to write and research.

Researching the Topic

To achieve a high score, students will need to conduct extensive research about the subject. They must utilize academic sources to demonstrate their thesis. Since this process can take a long time, students should begin researching the paper as soon as it is assigned. This will allow them to have extra time to devote to the writing and editing process.

  1. Current Treatments for Borderline Personality Disorder
  2. Does Gender Have an Impact on Someone's Memory?
  3. How Are False Memories Created? What Are the Methodologies Used to Find This Out?
  4. How Is Stress Experienced by Different People?
  5. What Is the Role of Meditation on Increasing Personal Happiness Levels?
  6. How Does the Brain Develop From Infancy to Adulthood?
  7. Does Gender Affect the Rate of Depression Between Different Individuals?
  8. What Is the Psychological basis of Attraction and Love?
  9. Are Current Treatment Methods for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Effective?
  10. How Does Someone's Socioeconomic Status Affect Rates of Depression?
  11. What Is a Parent's Role in Language Acquisition?
  12. How Does Living With Social Anxiety Disorder Impact the Day-to-Day of an Individual?
  13. How Does the Development of the Frontal Lobe Impact Someone's Judgment?
  14. What Is the Link Between Cat Ownership and Schizophrenia?
  15. What Is the Relationship Between Aging and Mental Illness?
  16. What Are Psychological Techniques Used in Propaganda? How Does the CIA Exploit Psychological Warfare Methods?
  17. What Is the Impact of Prenatal Development on Educational Attainment?
  18. How Is Perception Created and Shaped By Someone's Mind?
  19. Does Portrayals of Violence in the Media Increase the Chances of Violence in a Child's Life?
  20. How Are Phobias Developed? What Are the Available Techniques for Treating Them?


Even the best papers will be scored poorly if the editing quality is weak. Typos, grammar issues and spelling errors distract the reader from the quality of the argument. In addition to being unprofessional, a poorly edited paper is a sign that the student does not care about the topic. Before submitting any essay, students should use a spell check program and take time to read it thoroughly. Reading aloud is an excellent way to spot errors because it causes the student to slow down and consider each word. By utilizing the best editing techniques, students can ensure a better grade on their assignment.