Gender and Carrying Behavioural Differences among College Students

There always exists a difference in the way the male and female genders do their things in life. From small things that are overlooked by many, to major things that seem obvious, these differences have existed all through the existence of life. It is natural for differences to exist in the manner in which sexes do things. As human, we cannot let this be the end; instead, we should ask ourselves why. It is a common believe that there is a significant difference gender, types of bags, books, and carrying methods among college students. Each of the studies done shows some relationship between genders and decisions on bag and books carrying styles. Having knowledge that a significant difference of carrying styles exists between genders, the possibility that a difference exists in bag carrying style as well is not overlooked. College students tend to carry bags and books in different styles depending on their gender.

Among the most common book, carrying styles identified includes. Book partially cover front part of the body with one hand or both wrapped around, book at the side of body with arm fully extended or elbow flexed, and any of the above positions characterized by neither of the two characteristic. Among these styles, male tend to carry books at their body side with the arm fully extended while, female prefer to carry books on the front part of the body with one arm wrapped. The other major concern is the stability of the carrying style between the two sexes. Research conducted by various scholars has shown stability in male styles while for female; the style has been rather consistent. The consistency of college student carrying behaviors is affected by affected by some factors. One of the reasons for change is the location of the students. Difference in location is likely to cause changes in consistency of a particular style. Change of culture is another factor as some students may have different views. As time lapses, styles are likely to be altered hence change in results for various studies.

Bag carrying styles are also different for male and female college students. Currently, students have developed a new style of carrying books using bags. What is unclear is whether there exists a correlation between gender and books and bag carrying styles. In conclusion, gender plays a role in students carrying styles in colleges as different gender dominate a particular style though there is flexibility as well. Consistency in styles tends to be affected by changes in modern world hence the need for research from time to time.