Apollo 11 Research Paper Help

Apollo 11 is a significant space flight mission that occurred during the late 1960s.  It included an array of achievements from 3 astronauts who made history flying into outer space.  When it comes to writing an essay on the topic, there are different angles to choose from.  Yet, people can get an idea on the topic and still have trouble getting the creative process off the ground.  The good news is there are different help sources to consider helping you conduct research so you know what to include.

  • There are research forums online that discuss potential topics and thesis ideas.  These forums may include people, topics and subject matter related to Apollo 11.  You can get ideas from other people who have written about the topic including books and website sources with reputable information.  These forums may also connect you with a few people who may be interested in reading your completed draft.
  • Learn about questions commonly asked about Apollo 11.  There are study guides and reference pages online created on this topic that explore the space mission from different angles.  Some ask about tasks the astronauts did while in orbit.  Some question whether or not the moon missions were real. 
  • Start off by doing light or basic research on Apollo 11.  Doing this can help you approach the subject slowly without getting overwhelmed.  This can include reading short articles on the subject or checking out books at the library.  Some people may review to children’s versions of the topic to help learn important facts first. Try to answer basic questions such as who was part of the mission, why was it named Apollo 11, on what day did the mission occur?  Basic research may eventually turn into something more extensive once you find an area of interest.
  • If you want to include photos with your research paper, review sources that offer a unique selection of photos.  Some may have photos you can use for this purpose.  You may not need a photo but it may help highlight a point of interest found in your research.
  • Note reputable sources that offer facts about this topic.  There are video documentaries, encyclopedias, and government organizations that offer a great deal of details surrounding the mission and events.
  • Read and compare sample essays.  This gives an idea of they kind of research data need to complete your assignment.