How to write an easy essay: academic guidelines

Writing an essay might be a horror for many of you out there. It requires you to struggle with your brain cells and force some original and creative thoughts out of you. For those who’ve just stepped into this arena of essay writing, you need not worry at all. We’ve devised a very easy to follow and simple to understand strategy on how to write an essay.


  • Before doing anything else you need to decide a topic or a subject issue you want to write your essay on. You can either do this randomly or conduct some preliminary research via internet or a newspaper. Now that you have decided that, it’s about time you come up with a very suitable, genuine and catchy title.

  • Now that a title is out of your way, you need to make an outline about how you want your essay to look like in the end. A good outline must have these:

    • Intro – should be very brief yet interesting and informative. Consider your reader has no knowledge whatsoever of the topic you chose.
    • Thesis statement – you need this to formulate an argument.
    • Body – all you’re supporting facts and statistics plus your original thoughts and ideas will make up the body for your essay.
    • Conclusion – following the natural flow of the things, you obviously need to conclude your argument and close your essay.
    • Recommendations – if your essay is about any social or administrative issue, you need to suggest some recommendations on how to remedy the situation.

  • Now that you have an outline, all you need to do is start drafting your essay. Let your natural thoughts pour out. You’ll have plenty of time to filter and edit later.

  • This rough draft now needs to be organized in a way that seems most logical and reader friendly.

  • Proofread your essay, edit any extra thoughts, and correct any spelling and grammatical errors.

  • Your essay is all set to go to the next stage.

  • Just make sure you format it as per your teacher’s instructions. Following elements need to formatted:

    • Margins,
    • Font size
    • Font style
    • Line spacing

  • Add a cover page, mention your name and essay title on the cover page.

  • Voila! Your essay is now ready for submission.