How to write a good research paper: body paragraphs hints

When you are tasked with writing a research paper its best to know the important key elements required for each paragraph. The body consists of many different parts. These parts are what make up the research paper. For professional academic paper you need an abstract, an introduction, your first main point, your second main point, your third main point, and your conclusion. Once all these are done you will need a reference page and proper formatting and citations.

  • Abstract
  • An abstract is a short paragraph with a breakdown of the whole research paper. It defines the topic, the main points and the conclusion all in one paragraph. This is required for proper APA format research papers for college work.

  • Introduction
  • This is where you will introduce your topic, address your main points and how you will define them, and a transition into the first paragraph which is your first main point.

  • Your first main point
  • This is the very first main point you addressed in the introduction. Here you will write about the main point, the reason it’s a main point and what defines it as a main point. This is the most important point you’re trying to make so be precise. Then you will use a transition sentence to transition to the second paragraph, which addresses the second main point.

  • Your second main point
  • This is where you will discuss the second most important point to your topic. This is not as important as the main point but much more important than the third main point so it needs to be concise and defined properly. Then you will transition in to your final main point, which is the third paragraph.

  • Your third main point
  • Your third main point is the least important main point of the three points you are addressing in your research paper. This is where you make your final main point for or against the topic. Then once you have defined it properly you will transition into the conclusion.

  • Conclusion
  • This is the part that combines it all together to make a conclusive ending to your topic and you’re for or against stand you are making and why you have made it. These combines all the facts and puts them all together to make one final statement. You will restate your original topic purpose and show the results of your research.

  • References
  • This pertains to the research you have done. Throughout your paper you have used insight and knowledge that was obtained from reading others work. This is where you pay tribute to them for their hard work and acknowledge your citations that you have included throughout the paper.

  • Proper formatting
  • The proper way to format a research paper is in Times New Roman 12 pt. font. With double spacing and 1” margins. You must put a proper citation outside of every quotation, or referenced piece of insight and add a reference to the end of the paper for each citation used.