Academic Writing Assistance: A List Of Fresh Term Paper Topics

Papers are often impossible seeming. There are times when you may not enjoy writing, or you might reach that insidious cross-section between research and essay writing. And what can you do when you are faced with this daunting and time-consuming task? Well, you can try to use these brainstorming tips to think of new topics.

Clear your mind

It might seem a little odd, and perhaps counterintuitive for you to clear your mind when you were trying to think, but bear with me. Your brain can only hold onto an average of seven conscious thoughts at one time. Many students are overwhelmed with the to-do list and a bunch of tasks and unfulfilled academic requirements, all of which are clogging that area of the brain. Before you can reach into your subconscious and use your creative thinking to find the perfect topic, you have to clear your brain of those thoughts. You might need to use a meditative trick to clear the mind of all of the burden and stress that is currently occupying the conscious realm. You might need to use pre-writing so that you can write out all of those thoughts that are clearing your conscious and paved way to come up with new and creative paper topics. Remember that this is part of the pre-writing phase and it is just as important as actually writing your paper. Sometimes clearing your mind can help you to stumble upon that epiphany that really matters.

Write, write, and write

It is important that you write down everything. This is part of that free writing, clearing of your mind activity. You do not have to worry if what you write does not make sense at first. You can make sense out of it later. The purpose of the free right is not to go directly from point A to point B. Instead it is to write down any idea that pops in your head so that you do not lose anything. This is an essential component to brainstorming. To do a free right you need to set a timer for 3 to 5 minutes during which time you keep your pen or pencil directly on your paper. You should not lift it. This means that you continue writing anything and everything pops into your head the entire time. From this you will be able to find the perfect topic from an idea that sprang up during the free rights.


Take a moment to brainstorm what you're going to look for, what you want to explore, what you love, and what you need to know more about. Gather your paper ideas, and consider how you can refine them best to fit your task.