What Are Good Topics for Research and Term Papers

Writing good research and term papers depend on a number of things such as conducting great research, structuring your writing and using great examples. But choosing a topic that is both interesting to you and catches your audience’s attention, you improve your chances of getting great responses and receiving high marks. Here are some good topics for research and term papers for you to consider:

  • Airport security. Should governments and airport security issue mandatory body scans and pat-downs to improve passenger safety? Are there other methods that can be explored which are less invasive?
  • DDT use and health issues. Should DDT be approved for use as a way to prevent and fight off bug outbreaks that can be more of nuisance and a public health concern?
  • Iraq war vets. Are Iraq war vets receiving the post-war benefits they deserve or are they being deprived or cheated in some way? What more can be done to get vets the help they need?
  • Arming commercial pilots. Is it a good idea to allow commercial and passenger airplane pilots carry weapon to protect themselves and minimize the risk of losing control over the plane by violent or terrorist acts.
  • Gifts for athletes in high school. Should athletic-wear manufacturers be allowed to give away apparel and equipment to young athletes? What are the ethical questions that come up?
  • Internet’s effects on children. Are today’s children more socialized and smarter or are they more anti-social and less smarter than previous generations? Does this mean technology will make life better or worse for future generations?
  • Handling malpractice cases. Can the costs of malpractice insurance be lowered when physician malpractice is a leading cause of many high-cost deaths? Should more laws be passed to offset the costs of malpractice? For instance, a new tax that the public assumes.
  • High costs of obesity. Should the health costs of obese people be offset and paid for by who are generally healthier. Should obese people pay a higher premium?
  • Working more than 40 hours per week. Do people who work more than 40 hours per week work too hard? Does working more than 40 hours actually reduce productivity or is there evidence that more work gets done?
  • Gender and the wage gap. Women can still only make about .75 cents for every $1.00 men make in the U.S. What can be done to change the culture and eliminate the wage gap altogether?