Creative Writing Essay Sample - Should Race Matter in College Admission

Racial segregation during college admissions is on the rise in the twenty-first century. At superficial judgment, this will attract more negative reactions than positive ones. Critically examining it, however, gives the plausibility of this move. Racial inclination should be considered in the enrollment of students to colleges.

The time and course of study a student will be admitted to is one of the factors that determine the admission of a student to a university or college. In the event of a course whose prerequisite is knowledge of a native language, then admission of international students who are not native to the language will be based on some criteria. The foreign student will have to enroll for studying the language prior to the core course. This will have to affect the time within which the student will complete the core course as compared to another student enrolled to the same course but meets the prerequisite. To avoid unnecessary burdening of foreign students who may be enrolled to such course the enrollment criteria should be based on racial lines.

In the advent of exponential rise of cases of terrorism, every country has its security at stake. Filtration of immigrants into the country begins at admissions to colleges because many terrorists fake student visas and use them to achieve their malicious actions. In the interest of a nation’s security, the country’s colleges should give priority to admitting their citizens.

In a case where a student’s course of interest is taken by sponsored students only; and where the country sponsors its citizens enrolled into the course, then non-citizens may not be enrolled into such program. This may not only affect students on racial grounds but also on all grounds pertaining to non-citizenship.

Admitting citizens ensure preservation of a country’s culture and tradition. This places students from other cultures second option after citizens. A measure such as this is meant to minimize cultural erosion.

Racial and cultural biases, however, discourage international integration and understanding because it inhibits exchange of cultures, ideas, workforce and so on. For this reason, a country that practices racial prejudice lags in development because of limited ideas. This is explains why The USA is highly developed; it has a wealth of cultures.

It is worth of note that racial discrimination should be imposed only to acceptable extents. The reason for imposing racial factor when selecting students must be stated clearly to avoid misunderstandings. Where possible a second option should be provided to the affected party.