How to Write Academic Papers From Scratch

Academic papers are written by professionals who talk about their field of expertise. Writing an academic paper is no piece of cake, of course, but it is easier than most people set it out to look like. This article aims to discuss the various steps you can take in order to write a good academic paper.


This is probably the most fundamental point you need to address in your paper. You are writing to prove that you know what you are talking about. For example, if you are an expert in law specializing in international criminal law, you need to show that you know what governs the international law and how prosecutors are treated under the international court. It is not easy and of course it would take a lot of effort, but it is a requirement. Once you know your topic inside-out, your job is well and truly on its way to completion.


Ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Who am I writing for?
  • What kind of language use is expected of me?
  • Is this paper going to be published?

Only people who are experts in your field would be interested in reading what you have written. Nobody outside of that circle would actually read it, so use the appropriate language expected of you. This is not an essay you write for high school; it is much more different and difficult.


When you know your topic and audience, you then have to begin doing your research. There is so much information out there that you sometimes are overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. Stick to the basics; go to your nearest library and look at a few books before jumping into the internet. The internet is a good resource no doubt, but an academic paper carries more weight if the data you are presenting is taken from various credible sources apart from the internet.

Following these few steps would definitely lead you in the right direction when writing your academic paper. Do not forget at any one moment that writing a paper does not mean you are done with everything. There is still a lot left after this. It depends on what your goal in life is and that will determine what you do after completing an academic paper. Nevertheless, this is a huge milestone so best of luck with this