How To Write An Academic Article Review

Rocket Science

Rocket science is extremely difficult engineering work. You’re working with math, equations, building rockets and making sure they fly, making sure astronauts will be safe with what they’ve worked on, computers…science is there too, obviously. If math is there, then science has to be there—it’s even in the name.

Brain Surgery

You’re dealing with health, life and death, someone’s brain and spinal column and so on. You’re working with tools, other hands poking about around and over your work, pressure, and people watching you to make sure you don’t botch and drop something over in there. It’s all very difficult surgical work.

Article Review

Writing an article review isn’t rocket science or brain surgery. It’s extremely easy work and could be done in the course of a day maximum and a few hours minimum. We’re talking a very soft minimum as it could be done in little as half an hour.

We review multiple things every day. The things that would be closely related to article review in the same general context include reviewing:

  • Books
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Video games

These three fall in with “works of art” in their fields. The general writing process that goes into writing a strong video game review or a strong movie review is roughly the same as the one that goes into writing a strong article review.

  • Get acquainted with the work.
  • Reflect on the work, ask and answer questions.
  • Reflect on the work’s significance to the field.
  • Start on your review

Getting Acquainted With the Work

You read book, watch movies, play video games, and listen to music. All of these allow you to become familiar with the work you’re going to review. With an article review, you merely read the article provided. You can read it as many times if you wish for it to sink in.

Reflect on the Work Itself

While reflecting on the article, ask yourself questions about the author’s thesis and come to your own conclusion about the thesis and related questions. This will serve as the bulk for your review just like asking and answering questions will serve as the bulk of your essay.

Reflect on the Work’s Significance

Does the article offer anything to its field? Is it new and revolutionary in any way? Address these questions as well.

Start on Your Review

While you’ll want to touch on those important parts, be sure to give your opinion on the article. If might not have done anything special for the field, but it could still be enjoyable for a number of reasons. That’s all there is to doing an article review.