What is the explanatory synthesis essay?

Students usually don’t know the main difference between various essays and their formats. Even though the main parts remain common in all kinds of essays there are still differences in the number of paragraphs and arrangement of body paragraphs. Every essay must have an introduction in the beginning and a conclusion at the end. The most common kind of essays that students are supposed to attempt in exams is the synthesis essay.

Synthesis essays are of two types.

  1. Argumentative synthesis essay
  2. Explanatory synthesis essay

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The article aims to focus on explanatory synthesis essay. In order to write an explanatory synthesis essay students must learn its definition and purpose.

What is an explanatory synthesis essay?

An explanatory synthesis essay is different from the argumentative synthesis essay in the following way. An argumentative synthesis essay needs to have arguments and justifications for those arguments about a certain subject whereas the explanatory synthesis essay needs to elaborate a certain subject. The name is quite self-explanatory and it shouldn’t be a problem for the students to distinguish between the two of them

The purpose of explanatory synthesis essay

This kind of essay does not demand arguments and personal opinions about a topic. The writer has to write the relevant information about a certain topic in an objective and comprehensive way. It should be kept in mind that the explanatory essays are aimed to help the reader get a complete understanding of the subject under consideration. The writer should be very careful with his personal biasness and should only state what is valid and true

Components of an explanatory essay

Like all the other essay types an explanatory essay has an introduction followed by body paragraphs and a concluding paragraph at the end.

The introduction

The introduction of your essay must present your topic clearly so that the reader is sure of what he is going to learn in the rest of the essay. Do not leave it for the reader to guess what the essay is going to be about. Rather you should be very clear and precise about the topic of the essay

Body paragraphs

The body paragraphs must include relevant and valid data collected from reliable sources about the topic. If you are to write about harmful effects of smoking do not write sentences like “I think smoking is harmful because it affects your health” the reader knows that already. State the statistics and facts about how smoking can affect a person’s health.

The conclusion

Never ever leave any ambiguity in your conclusion. Summarize your essay in a crystal clear manner.