International Review of Business Research Papers

Buisiness research is an increasingly multidisciplinary, international field, with contributors conducting work all over the globe. When you are conducting your own background research on business practices and efficacy, therefore, it is imperative that you pay attention to the work that’s being done globally. Whenever possible, a thorough, international review of the current published research is ideal. Here is a guide to locating and parsing such information.

Use Academic Search Engines

When conducting business research, do not restrict yourself to local resources, such as business magazines or scholarship that comes from your area. Instead, perform a thorough, organized literature review using relevant search terms and multiple academic search engines. These engines collect all the latest business research published across the globe, and make it easy to find using proper search methods.

Google Scholar, JSTOR, and WorldCat are good engines to start with. Simply enter your research terms and perform a quick search. Make sure your search settings do not limit your results to local authors and journals, of course! This method can also be used to locate older research, or archival databases.

Don’t Limit Yourself to English

If English is your primary or only language, you might be tempted to restrict yourself and only read business research papers that originated in English-speaking countries. However, there is a wealth of information published in German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and many other languages, and if you avoid research conducted in these languages you are limiting yourself a great deal.

Most of the time, foreign language research papers still have tables of results that are easy to understand, even if you do not know the language at all. Also, it is important to note that even if a business research paper originated in a country such as Germany, the odds are good that the paper itself will be written partially or entirely in English. Download business research articles from a variety of sources and look through them for useful data.

Find an International Colleague

Academia is increasingly multi-disciplinary and international; the field of buisness research is no exception to this trend. If you only speak English and are limited to American or UK-based data sources, enlisting the help of an international colleague can enrich your career and vastly improve your papers. Network at international conferences, and seek out academics who have interests similar to your own. Whenever possible, suggest to your international colleagues that you begin a collaborative program of research. In most cases, your international colleagues will be happy to get involved, as they stand to benefit from having a research partner in a foreign country, as well.