5 Great Ideas For Creative Argumentative Essay Topics

A great argumentative essay should be engaging as well as persuasive. The author’s goal should be to support and defend their point of view using strong evidence points.

Coming up with a fantastic argumentative essay topic can be difficult. Today, we are providing some suggestions they inspire you to write about your own topic.

  1. Should The Death Penalty Be Abolished?
  2. There are many different perspectives to take on this issue. Some people feel that the death penalty should be completely abolished because it is morally wrong and unethical. Others argue that criminals should face the consequence of death for committing certain crimes. What are your thoughts on this? What are some real life examples that prove this perspective to be true?

  3. Should Couples of The Same Sex Be Allowed To Marry?
  4. This is a hot topic in the world today with many different points of view to be considered. Many people feel very strongly that marriage should be exclusively for men and women. Others argue that same-sex couples deserve the same rights as everyone else. How do you feel about this topic? Can you find some examples to support your perspective?

  5. Should Students Be Allowed Cell Phones in Class?
  6. This debate is hotter than ever, with social media and viral content growing increasingly more accessible. Many people feel that students with cell phones at school violate privacy and causes distraction. However, having a cell phone on hand could be a good thing in the case of an emergency. What side of the argument are you on? What examples can you think of to defend your stance?

  7. Should Children Ever be put on Trial As Adults?
  8. For years now this has been a topic of debate in the legal world. There are many people who feel that kids of certain age should be tried as adults if they commit certain crimes? What are your thoughts on this? Can you construct a strong argument to defend your case?

  9. Should Assisted Suicide Be Legal?
  10. If you really want to pick a “hot” topic to discuss write your argumentative essay about whether or not assisted suicide should be allowed. Obviously there are some very interesting angles that one can write about on this subject. How do you personally feel about assisted suicide? What examples can be used to support your side of the issue?