How To Find A Sample Of A Chicago Style Research Paper

Are you worried because you need to format your paper in a certain style but you do not know how? Do you find it hard to write research papers because they need formatting in the end? Do you think your teacher will accept your assignment even if it is not in the right Chicago style that she requires? Do you understand the rules and preferences of Chicago style formatting? Is it your first time hearing about this specific kind of format? Are you worried because you have no clue how you will complete your paper and earn a good grade?

It is natural to think about all these questions and many others if you are supposed to write your research paper in a format that you have never heard of before. You should pay attention to the lecture and see what your teacher requires from you. Usually Chicago style formatting is divided into two parts. One type is the notes and bibliography while other is the author-date style. The notes and bibliography style is most of the times used for subjects like literature, history and arts. This is more like a bibliography itself where you collect references from a number of sources and include them in your paper. On the other hand, the author date style is used while writing research papers in natural and social sciences. Here you need to include the publishing date and the last name of the author in parenthesis every time you quote something in your paper. Apart from these, both styles are more or less the same.

You might not have a very clear picture of the Chicago style format unless you see it in some assignment or find a sample that follows this style. If you have a sample paper formatted in this style then it will be a lot easier for you to format your paper.

Chicago manual of style

Start by going to their official site to have a better understanding of the Chicago style and find relevant examples. The name of their official website is Chicago manual of style or you can also find it when you Google for their official site

The internet

You can find loads and loads of relevant searches if you know how to search and refine your search on the web.

Professional writing agencies

They have samples in their portfolio and past work examples