Writing an interesting essay: organizing your thoughts

Essay writing is not all about skill but it’s about practice. Some people think that they are not inborn writers so they cannot devise a good essay while the truth lies opposite way. Anyone can write a good essay if he/she knows the right way to organize the ideas and thoughts related to the subject of essay. The organization of essay is an important aspect of essay writing. Organization of essays serves as the distinguish quality of an essay. Your essay can be ranked as poor or good on the basis of the way you organize it. If you got amazing ideas about your essay writing then you must put them in right order while writing your essay.

An essay should look organized and interesting. A disorganized and poorly managed essay gives a bad impression to the reader. If you want to impress your audience or reader then you must write a well-organized and properly worded essay.

If you know the following three major components of an essay then you can write an impressive essay. This article gives you a guideline on how to make your essay interesting and well organized.

Following are the key steps that you need to go through while organizing ideas about your essay:

  • Outline:
  • First of all you need to draw an outline for your essay. Outline of a good essay is comprised of the thesis statement, supportive argumentation and the conclusion of your essay. If you make a catchy and strong thesis statement then your essay is going to be a unique one. You must note down the arguments that come in your mind in the support of your stance that you have taken in your thesis statement and conclude your essay with the convincing conclusion.

  • Thesis statement:
  • Thesis statement is all about the main focus of your essay or what is the sole purpose of your essay writing? Thesis statement is generated from the main topic of your essay. Your thesis statement must show a different and unique approach related to the topic of your essay. Thesis statement must always be written in clear, correct and precise words. Thesis statement should be grammatically correct. If your thesis statement is flawed or devised poorly it will lead your essay nowhere. So you should be very careful while making your thesis statement.

  • Supporting arguments:
  • Supportive argumentation refers to the arguments that you must provide in support of your stance and arguments must be logically correct

  • Conclusion:
  • Conclusion of an essay should be clear, meaningful and convincing.