Culture VS. Religion

There are a number of people that identify with culture, and/ or religion. There are a lot of big differences between the culture and religion, and there are a significant amount of similarities. Some of the most important similarities include the fact that people identify with culture and religion, both of these terms define a way of life, and both of these terms impart a set of rules or guidelines in order to be considered a part of that social group. Some of the greatest differences is that a religion is a part of a certain culture, culture does not necessarily mean that the people are worshiping a god, religion has a more defined process, and a culture can be defined by the way people act socially instead of morally. These are just a few of the greatest similarities and differences.

When it comes to identifying one’s self with a particular culture, there tend to be guidelines that are a little more vague than the rules and guidelines of a religion. Where a culture could be defined by race or geographic location, a religion is defined by the exact moral practices of a group of people. When it comes to being accepted by a culture, it is typically after practicing the traditions of the culture enough that it becomes like second nature and feels natural to you. However, in order to become a part of a religion, you would have to be tested and formally accepted to the religion in order to be officially brought in to that specific religion. While people of a certain culture might tend to practice a certain type of religion, this does not mean that the god is a part of the culture. Instead it means that the religion is a part of the culture, and the god is a part of that religion. While there are a lot of similarities, there are still a lot of differences as well.

The comparison of culture to religion is a rather challenging task. There are so many elements of the two that are hard to define and even more challenging to put in a specific category. When you are trying to identify with a specific culture or religion, it is important to identify with the elements one at a time in order to truly identify yourself as being a full on member. Culture is more relaxed to become a part of where religion is more formal.