Argumentative Essay Global Warming Emphasis

The purpose of an argumentative essay is to get students to think critically about a specific subject and consider what his or her answer would be to a controversial question. It is with an assignment like this, that students will see that there are implications to their answers to questions like this. Furthermore, they will be able to understand that not everyone in the world will have the same view as he or she does. This is a great way to enforce tolerance, and promote respect for hearing another’s view or side to a controversial topic. One of the best topics for an argumentative essay is the discussion of global warming and how it may or may not affect the future generations.

There are very specific requirements for a properly written argumentative essay. Below are some of the best tips on how to construct a solid argumentative essay in regards to global warming questions.

  • The information must be real, relevant, and valuable.
  • You must make an intellectually supported argument not founded on emotion.
  • Site real facts about actual cases, not hypothetical situation.
  • Pick a side of the argument and stick to it.
  • Discredit the other side of the argument with facts, and real information.
  • Keep opinions and other unsupportable information out of the essay.
  • Be passionate and committed to the side that you chose with unwavering detailed support.

These are among the most important parts of writing a strong argumentative essay for the issues of global warming. There will inevitably be people who disagree with you and your argument; however, that is okay. That is the whole point of the assignment. Some of the biggest challenges made about global warming include:

  • The scientific consensus
  • The authority of the IPCC
  • Greenhouse gases
  • Solar variation
  • Aerosols forcing
  • Temperature records
  • Climate sensitivity
  • Infrared iris hypothesis
  • Internal radiative forcing
  • Arctic shrinkage

These are not the only elements that are discussed during debates about global warming; however, they are among the most commonly presented material. If you are writing an argumentative essay about the controversial topic of global warming and how it is affecting the world now, and how it will affect the world in the future, then you are in for quite a challenge. The hardest part will be picking a side of the debate. Then you will be tasked with supporting it completely with factual and real information, data, and statistics.