An occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge essay

Writing a successful essay on “An occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” is a matter of understanding the story and knowing the structure of an essay.


You should know that the story has three main parts. The introduction should contain information about the story like when is the action set, when it was written, who is the main character, describe him and make a short resume of the story. This way you show the professor who’s reading your paper that you know the details.


Describe the initial part of the story. Agentleman planterof about thirty years old is positioned on a railway bridge. Near him, there are standing six servicemen and a pack of foot men. The person is to be haltered from the bridge. Describe the main character’s feelings and thoughts in this very last moment. Write about his escape plan. You should know that the first part of the story finishes when the soldiers drop him down. Write that on the paper.


The author describes Peyton Farqhuar and his political options. Explain the reason of this choice and why is this needed for the reader to understand the story better. Write about the grey-clad soldier and the main character’s possibility to sabotage the Owl Creek Bridge. Explain that everthing was, in fact, a trap. Explain what it's unconcealed later: that the grey-cladsoldier is actually an Union scoutwho has lured the hero into a enticement, as anyone interposing with the railroads would face hanging.


Let the reader know when this part actually starts. Once Farquhar ishaltered, the rope immediately breaks. He finds himself into the river. Whereas underwater, the heroappears to have very little notice within the incontrovertible thing that his hands, that currently can move without guidance, are releasing themselves and unfastening the sling from around his body. Write about the fact that he soon realizes that he possesses superhuman powers. Explain how he manages to get to ground and finally walks into a forest. He finds himself footsore and hungry, pressed by the image of his wife and youngsters. He wakes to ascertain his utterly preserved home, along with his lovely and vernal wife outside. Explain what happened next and what is that white light that makes everything go black.


Tell the reader what is unconcealed later in the story and how Farqhuar imagined the last part of the story. Try to state an opinion of yours on why the author chose to set the action from the third part in the main character’s imagination.