Online Editing and Proofreading Services

If you have essays and research papers that need to be edited, you can get help from online editing and proofreading services because the professionals with these services all have academic credentials and plenty of experience in editing research papers and essays. You want to choose an essay writing service that has a good reputation and that has been around for at least five or more years. Also look for editing services that have workers who are knowledgeable of different topics so that you will get the best edited paper.

Basic Copy Editing

Whether it is a news article or a scholarly journal article, an online editing service will assist you with basic copy editing techniques. For example, if proper grammar is a struggle for you, the professional will look over the document to ensure that everything is written according to proper grammar structure. Or if you are not sure about how MLA style should be set up in a research paper, the professional will correct the paper by using the proper MLA technique in the paper.

Essay Editing

Here is the basic process of how an online editing service professional edits your essay. The first thing he would do is read the essay so that he will have an idea of what the thesis is for your essay and the claims you are making. Once this happens the professional continues to read while correcting spelling and punctuation errors. At times he may delete large chunks of text so that he can revise the essay in order for the reader to understand the topic better. Finally, the professional will apply proper formatting to the essay.


Most online editing and proofreading services are affordable with the average price ranging between $5.00 and $7.00 although some companies charge less than this amount for their services. Other proofreading services have discounts and this makes it easier for you to buy the services you need.

Plagiarism Detection

Another benefit of online editing services is that you are able to prevent the appearance of plagiarism in your essay because the professional can spot areas within the essay that look as if you copied them from other sources directly without proper attribution to those sources.


Online editing services exist to help you write better research papers and essays and they will deliver the revised papers in a timely manner. You also get to talk with the professional during the editing process to make sure that the main topic and thesis statement of your work stays intact despite the revisions.