College Essay Writing: Choosing an Unusual Topic

The college essay is one of the most important parts of being accepted for admission. It must be written with accuracy and attention to detail. Most college essay topics are open so you can choose what will be written about in your piece.

Choosing an unusual topic may not seem like something you would want to do on a college essay, however, this could be a positive step that gets you noticed. Most college essays are all created the same, on one of a few different topics. Stepping out of the ordinary is certainly going to capture the attention of the reader. Your willingness to be unusual and to be different is also a sign of confidence that will get you ahead with colleges and universities.

5 Reasons to choose an Unusual Topic

There are many reasons that choosing an unusual topic can benefit you. Take a look at the 5 biggest benefits that is offered:

  1. Your essay will get noticed
  2. You are showing that you are not afraid to be yourself and to take risks or to be different
  3. You are writing about a new , exciting topic that is probably not often saw on college essay applications
  4. Writing about something unusual but exciting to you is much easier than writing an essay on a topic that you are not interested in
  5. It is a lot of fun to research something out of the ordinary

Topics of Considerations

Many thought-provoking, unusual topics can be written on for your college essay. The endless amount of topics gives you the ability to use your creativity and choose something of special interest to you. It is always easier to write about a topic that you have some interest in.

Allow your experiences in life to guide you in the right direction for your essay topic. As a person entering college there should be many fun and exciting experiences worthy of sharing on your essay. Giving the instructors something great to read will instill that unforgettable impression that will get your foot through the door.

Carefully select the unusual topic of your choosing. Gathering a few ideas from instructors at the college you wish to attend is a good idea to use in addition to what creative points are on your mind. Write your piece carefree and open heartedly and the goal of college admission acceptance is certain to find its way to you!